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Nitro compound fertilizer and ammonium nitrate

  • Increase
    Fertilizer utilization rate is high, compared with the administration of the same amount of elemental nitrogen, an increase of 8-25%。
  • Onset
    Rapid promote crop growth, three days effective.
  • activation
    Anti-soil compaction, improve soil conditions。
  • Drought
    Water retention
    Enhance crop drought water retention capacity, increase production in the drylands。
  • optimization
    Can significantly increase the protein content of agricultural products, soluble sugar, vitamins, improve color taste。

Paper and plastic packaging

Five cardboard production line with high-speed, four-color computer flexo printing die-cutting machine, the following three-tier co-extruded film and 5L blow molding machines, injection molding machines and other equipment more than 20 sets, and equipped with complete testing equipment


Automobile chassis dedicated activity of nano calcium carbonate

Rheological properties of colloidal KLNM-C nanometer active calcium carbonate, with good thixotropic properties, dispersion, controllable adjustable。

PVC is mainly used in automotive anti-stoning paint, in the application process fully reflects thixotropic nanoparticles, which can make the paint under high shear conditions rapidly thinning

Civil explosiveMOREExplosive because of its low cost, saving manpower
Explosive professional installation teamMOREChemical Machinery Business

Enterprise strength

KAI LONG Hubei Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is the former provincial military enterprises & mdash; & mdash; the state-owned chemical plant Xiang Sha (Code Section 9615 Factory) in 1994, the main reform of the formation of the company in December 9, 2015 in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the market